Working with a nutritionist
is for you if . . .

You want to explore the root cause of your digestive issues

You want to enjoy food again 

You’ve had enough of your IBS running the show when it comes to your relationships and social life 

Instead of dressing to accommodate the IBS bloat, you’d like to wear clothes you actually want to wear 

You want to leave the house, go to work and make plans with friends without checking in with your IBS first 

You’re fed up with being told “It’s just IBS”, and you know your symptoms deserve to be taken seriously 

You want to finally feel in control of your own body

  • EPersonalised nutrition advice tailored to your medical history, current health circumstances and test results. There is no one-size-fits all approach to IBS, so the advice you receive will be as unique as you are
  • ETargeted nutrition and lifestyle recommendations implemented over a number of weeks with support every step of the way
  • EState of the art laboratory tests to assess blood and stool markers. There is no valid test in the UK for IBS itself, but we can eliminate some of the guesswork of what could be impacting your symptoms (Digestive health, thyroid function, nutrient status, and so much more …)
  • EAchievable nutrition plans tailored to your food tastes, shopping habits and cooking preferences
  • EPractical recommendations and recipes
  • EExpert advice regarding supplements (Is a supplement necessary at all? If so, which one, how much to take and how often? Is the supplement safe to take alongside medication?)
  • EConvenient regular ‘check-in’ appointments either face-to-face or online to troubleshoot problems, monitor your progress and keep you on track

If you have any questions

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Workplace Wellbeing

Nutrition talks in the workplace to support the health, happiness and productivity of your team. Talks can be tailored to your needs, but popular topics include:

Digestive health

Stress management

Improving sleep

Increasing energy

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Katherine delivered a fantastic talk to all the staff in our business on the importance of nutrition – particularly with respect to maintaining energy levels during the working day and ensuring a good night’s sleep.

She is clearly enthusiastic and passionate about her subject and has a deep understanding of it.

We all learned a huge amount and many of us have made changes to our lifestyle as a result of her talk.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Katherine to anyone wishing to know more about the importance of nutrition.

– 5* Google Review

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